On Friday October 27th 2019, Mobile Medical Diagnostics received authorisation from the Environmental Protection agency permitting X-ray to take place in private domestic dwellings.

This is very significant as we are now the first country and first company in Europe to offer this service. Mobile Medical Diagnostics decided to explore this possibility in response to requests from children and spouses of disabled and ill members of the public being cared for at home. We have received calls from families in many parts of Ireland and overseas, and requests from General Practitioners and Geriatricians.

We feel it will be of particular benefit to those living with Dementia , intellectual impairment and physical disability.

We have agreed a justification criteria with the EPA, for service users and building structure suitability.

Service user must meet one or more of following criteria.

Residents that can walk out to a taxi and travel unaccompanied for X-ray are not suitable.

Resident must be physically disabled and require a wheelchair taxi or ambulance

Must require a minimum of one escort and be unable to travel alone

Suffers from cognitive impairment

Transfer to hospital for X-ray likely to lead to distress

Building Structure 

Apartment blocks are not suitable

External walls must be concrete

In addition we  advise 

We require parking for small van

No more than 2 steps at entrance

Front doorway 30 inches minimum width

All X-rays must be requested in writing by Irish Medical Council registered  medical practitioner

No pregnant persons or children to be present in house

Maximum 3 persons/family members  present in house

For all additional queries please contact us at 087 0564412